Facio&Cañas continues to grow with the opening of new offices in Puntarenas and Guanacaste

Facio&Cañas continues to grow with the opening of new offices in Puntarenas and Guanacaste
  • New offices seek to get closer to their clients and will be located in Playa Conchal and Santa Teresa.
  • Facio&Cañas is the most experienced law firm in Costa Rica, with 81 years of history, helping to contribute to the rule of law in this country.

Costa Rican law firm Facio & Cañas has recently opened two new branch offices in strategic locations to enhance its offering to individual and corporate clients.

The offices are in Playa Conchal, Guanacaste and Santa Teresa, Puntarenas, known for being dynamic foreign business locations.

The 81-year-old firm has been focusing on developing a strong client base outside of San José. The opening of two branch offices looks to provide a much closer approach to existing clients and strengthen its service capabilities for new business, thanks to a cohesive team that combines experienced lawyers from both locations and San José.

Both new branches are open to the public as of March 2023.

Facio & Cañas is a full- service law firm that represents the best balance between tradition and innovation. The firm has contributed for many decades to the foreign investment landscape in the country, providing tailored legal advice to corporate international clients.

“We have seen a definitive increase in demand for our services in these locations. This has naturally led us to consider expanding our brand and physical locations. The two new branch offices will enable us to stand close to our clients and their relevant business locations in their day-to-day challenges, providing them with the best legal advice”.

Sergio Solera, Managing Partner.


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