Corporate social responsibility

Facio&Cañas has put it into practice since its foundation in 1942

Corporate social responsibility

Since 1942, our funding partners were citizens actively involved in the social, cultural, educational, and political environments.

Its founding partners distinguished themselves as citizens committed to the social, educational and political development of the country by contributing their knowledge and work. This commitment of service to Costa Rica has been maintained generationally among the partners, associates and collaborators of Facio&Cañas as an inherent value.

In 2016, the firm decided to create the Facio&Cañas Foundation, whose main objective is to support non-profit social causes in the country through pro bono advice. On the other hand, being part of LexMundo Pro bono Foundation allows us to participate in advisory projects and voluntary legal services to entrepreneurs worldwide.


Our social and environmental footprints

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

As subjects and organization, we assume the task and responsibility of evaluating our social and environmental footprints, compensating them with actions that impact the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. According to these SDGs, at Facio&Cañas we are committed to have a positive impact:

  • SDG6 | Clean Water and Sanitation
  • SDG8 | Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG16 | Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
  • SDG17 | Partnerships to Achieve the Goals with joint efforts on environmental and social issues

These commitments will be implemented with the resources and capabilities of our firm, with projects and actions to positively impact our stakeholders and civil society in general.

Our Projects

ProMundo Foundation

In support of the ProMundo Foundation and the CHEPE SE BAÑA program, Facio&Cañas conducted volunteer work to assist the homeless population, including clothing donations, snack preparation, and active participation in San José.


PopOp is a non-profit initiative that aids entrepreneurs in the development, promotion, and commercialization of their products and ideas through training and mentoring programs. The firm has been actively involved in protecting their intellectual property, reviewing contractual matters, and providing free legal talks on key legal topics to entrepreneurs.


AMALE is a comprehensive assistance program for children in highly vulnerable conditions, providing support in areas such as nutrition, health, and education. Facio&Cañas actively participates through educational volunteering and food donations.

Puente Educativo

Puente Educativo is a non-profit association that supports teenagers in vulnerable communities through educational spaces to achieve social transformation. The firm currently provides volunteers to aid the association with the teenagers’ English language homework and also conducts informative talks.