Our Legacy

Founded in 1942 as the first modern firm in Costa Rica

We are problem solvers providing long-term solutions. We think outside the box

Facio & Cañas was founded in 1942 by visionary lawyers who changed the traditional legal services as the first modern firm in Costa Rica. We remain as a mandatory reference firm in Costa Rica. 

Our talented team comprised of different generations of lawyers provides innovative services of the highest standards. Our academic background and professional experience keep us abreast of the trends and dynamics of the global economy, adding value to our clients.

We go beyond. We provide tailored-made solutions with ethics and excellence.

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Committed to helping our customers succeed

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Add value to our client's endeavors through deep legal knowledge and innovation.

Our Vision

Continue our leadership in the legal market as key partners of our clients.

Committed to our values

Our Values

FAYCA History

Lawyers Rodrigo Facio and Gonzalo Facio founded Facio&Cañas.
Fernando Fournier joins the firm and the firm changes its name to Facio&Fournier.
The firm is renamed Facio,Fournier&Cañas (FAFURC) when the lawyer, journalist and playwright Alberto Cañas Escalante joins the firm.
During this decade renowned jurists Octavio Torrealba and Edgar Pacheco and former Venezuelan President Carlos Andrés Pérez joined the FAFURC team of lawyers.
The firm continues to grow steadily with the incorporation of Jorge Tristán, Daniel Camacho, Rodrigo Oreamuno, Arnoldo López, Ronald Fernández, Fernando Castillo and Rubén Hernández.
Enrique Vázquez, Rodrigo Arias Sánchez, Enrique Castillo, Julio Kiersenzon, Edgar Cordero, Carlos Solís and Víctor Garita joined the firm. In 1977 the firm is renamed Facio & Cañas.
Carlos Oreamuno, Milagro Chaves, Manuel González, Manuel González, Roberto Leiva, Adrián Torrealba, Fernán Pacheco, José Antonio Muñoz, Pedro Muñoz and Carlos Valverde joined Facio&Cañas. In 1986 began the opening of specialty areas, being the first FAYCAMARK led by Jorge Tristán and today is chaired by Milagro Chaves.
Attorneys José María Oreamuno and Erick Thompson joined the firm during this period. The firm continues to grow steadily and FAYCATAX is inaugurated.
FACIO&CAÑAS is selected by LEXMUNDI to be part of the firms that make up this select group. Luis Sánchez, Federico Torrealba, Gianna Cersósimo and Sergio Solera joined the firm.
During this period FAYCA continues its consolidation as one of the firms with the longest trajectory in the country, creating FAYCA PÚBLICO. Ignacio Monge joins the firm. In 2020 it is decided to merge with the law firm Pragma Legal, which generates the incorporation of lawyers Federico Rucavado, Francisco Rucavado and Edgar odio. By virtue of this merger, FACIO&CAÑAS joins the International Network of law firms TERRALEX.