Luis Ángel Sánchez Montero


Member of the Costa Rican Bar Association since 1997.

Cofunder member of the Labor and Inmigration department at Facio & Cañas 2001.

Parter of Facio & Cañas since 2012.

Phone number: (506) 2105-3727 / (506) 2105-3621  Fax: (506) 2105-3610


Associated to the Costa Rican Association of Labor Law

Advisor to the Standing Committee on Social Affairs of the Congress reforms to the Labor Code, specifically in the project known as "Flexibility of Work Days".

Former member of the Dispute Tribunal and Appeals of UNAFUT.

University professor on courses of the Masters on Labor Law at Universidad Interamericana

Professor at Universidad de Costa Rica on the course  General Theory of the process

Partner at Facio & Cañas. Head of the Labor and Immigration Department. (2012).

Associate at Facio & Cañas, Cofounder of the Labor and Immigration department.(2001 - 2003).

Labor Judge (2000-2001).

Judge´s legal advisor. Second Chamber, Supreme Court of Justice (1999-2000).

Legal Advisor to the Costa Rican Ombudsman (1998-1999).

Masters in Enterprise Law (concluded)

Masters in Tax Law (pending)

Conciliation, Arbitration courses , conducted by the judiciary and the Ombudsman office in coordination with Universidad para la Paz.

Introductory courses of accounting, economy and administration.

Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional (1997 – 1999).

Law Degree University of Costa Rica (1996) .

Graduate Course in Modern English (1989 – 1990) .

Spanish - English

Labor Law (compensation, permit procedure, design or restructuration of compensation plans, contracts, terminations)

Immigration Law

Social Security