Víctor Ml. Garita


Member of the Costa Rican Bar Association since 1982.

Member and partner of Facio & Cañas since 1982.


Phone number: (506) 2105-3756 / (506) 2105-3749  Fax: (506) 2105-3610

Email: vgarita@fayca.com 

Consultant of the Supreme Court of Justice  from Costa Rica for the program Alternative Dispute Resolution , with emphasis in commercial arbitration.

Co-Editor of the bill on Alternative Dispute Resolution Media,  R.A.C Proyect.- Supreme Court Justice project, currently law of the Republic of Costa Rica .

Judge of the Arbitration  Court  of the Chamber of Commerce.

 Arbitrator of the Panel of Arbitrators of the Chamber of Commerce and the American Chambers of Commerce.

Director of the Supervisory Board of the National Council of Supervision of the National Financial System (2009-2014)

Corporate Law Professor, INCAE (1995-1999).

Commercial Law Professor, Universidad de Costa Rica (1982-1995).

Roman Law Professor, Universidad de Costa Rica (1982-1985)

LLM, Tulane University, New Orleans (1990). 

Law Degree, Universidad de Costa Rica (1982).

Guest speaker in matters such as procurement, insurance, regulatory issues, tort law, transnational litigation in Latin America, in Costa Rica and outside Costa Rica

Guest speaker at seminars and workshops in matters such as domestic and international arbitration, in Costa Rica and outside Costa Rica

Arbitration: A new horizon in search of a better justice (1995).

Conceptual basis for a new arbitral statute for Costa Rica: a new approach in Latin America, Published in: Tulane Law Review, vol. 65, no. 6 (1991). 

The abuse of the juridical entities in corporations, Published in Judicial Law Review, no. 50 (1990). 

Wholly owned corporations: the use of special corporate entities , published in Judicial Law review, no. 34 (1985).

Publications in national and international journals on issues of arbitration and corporate law.

 Spanish- English

Domestic and International Arbitration.

Corporate Law.

Corporate Finance Law.

Banking and Finance Law.

Mergers & Acquisitions.

Concessions and litigation arising from public contracts and transnational litigation.

Expert witness on Costa Rican law in arbitration and common processes in the United States.


Attorney  and Arbitrator in Domestic and international arbitration.

Civil and Comercial Contracts.